Park City, UT River Guides

Ken Mihal

Ken grew up fishing the small rivers and streams of Pennsylvania. Originally from Pittsburgh, he moved to Park City in the early 90’s. Ken’s best friend shared his love of fly fishing with him, and the rest is history! When Ken’s not with clients, him and Jen are fishing the waters of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho or chasing Bones in the Bahamas. Ken’s always got a song in his head, of which he will, no doubt, share with you through randomly singing or whistling (haha), along with his patience and dedication to making your experience tailored to you and an enjoyable one!

Jen Mihal

Jen was born and raised in Texas. Twin to a brother, she was constantly outdoors exploring, fishing and hunting. She moved to Park City in her late teens (early 90’s), met Ken 4 years later, picked up her first fly rod… and never looked back! She has spent countless days on these local rivers. Her and Ken’s vacations/days off are always spent in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and the Bahamas fly fishing! Being diagnosed/treated for a brain tumor, Crohns disease, AND gland cancer, all in the last 12 years has REALLY taught me not to take ANYTHING for granted and to not sweat the small stuff! Trust me, LIFE IS TOO SHORT! My goal is to laugh, love and LIVE a fish filled, amazing life and I would LOVE to share that with you! I will work my hardest to get you into fish and teach you all that you want to learn (or not! haha).. either way!

Austin Roy

Austin grew up in southern Maine in Lewiston fishing the Little Androscoggin River; and while playing hockey in upstate New York he spent his free time fishing the Salmon River and the West branch of the Delaware, as well as the Adirondack Region. After college he moved to Salt Lake City, and immediately began fishing every creek, stream and river he could find; although his favorite place to fish in the world is he Rapid River in Andover Maine for Brooke Trout! Austin’s patience and tenaciousness are unparreled! You WILL NOT find a guide that wants to catch you a fish more than Austin does….. and he does it leading with kindness, patience, knowledge and experience!

Max Akey

Max began his love for fly fishing while growing up in Vermont. His enthusiasm for the rivers/streams extended into the southern part of the state such as the Battenkill and Metttawee, along with local water closer to the Burlington area, eventually leading to his (as of now) favorite fly fishing adventure living out of a van for a month in New Zealand’s south island fishing. Upon discovering the Western Mountains, Max landed in Utah and has not looked back!! He has a large diversity of experience in fishing and adventure and has developed a passion for studying/protecting the environment. Max is a very fun loving and patient guide. He has been an amazing addition to our fishing family!