I thought that I would start our “blogging experience” out by talking about fly fishing while visiting Park City, UT. Park City fly fishing offers some of the best fly fishing in the world, in my opinion! It is not the type of fly fishing that isn’t for the faint of heart; in fact, just the opposite!  These local rivers lend very well to the absolute beginner; someone who has always dreamed of fly fishing, however just hasn’t had the nerve to try it! Also, these waters are even “giving” to kids fly fishing; which, to me, is an experience not to be missed! If only I had been introduced to fly fishing as a kid, my life would have been forever changed that much sooner!

Now, don’t get me wrong, while these rivers lend well to the beginner, they can also be very challenging for the more advanced/expert angler! These rivers have the potential to have all 4 bug species hatching in a single day, and will usually give that “experienced” angler a run for their money when it comes to matching the hatch.  These fish get enough pressure to be labeled “experienced” themselves, so tricking them can be very challenging!

These local rivers hold abundant amounts of very nice sized, healthy German Brown Trout, Utah Rainbow Trout and Rocky Mountain Whitefish.  The rivers offer great riffles, pocket water, as well as large, deep runs; while allowing for a great amount of open space for casting! Most access is well worn and easy enough for a kid or someone in their 80’s!

If you find that you are in need of a fly fishing guide; all of our guides have been fishing these waters for many, many years! Our local, Utah fly fishing guides are all extremely patient, very experienced, passionate and ready to take you out there fishing!

Here’s a very small example of some of our pictures of (some) of our guides (Ken, Jen, Ian and Richie) and our clients’ … check out our photo gallery for more! See you next time.. and Let’s Go Fishing!


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